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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Everitt Vending - Your Best choice of vending machine

In Singapore, special ATM is no longer new, but it still attracts tourists. It is even more fascinating when the elements inside the machine are rare.

For example, you can find crab spice to an ATM instead of your usual box drinks. Interesting right? Keep reading to discover the unique 6 ATMs in Singapore!

Once extremely viral obtained in 2017, Coffee Vending Machine is one of the best known instant food you probably know in a box. Other than Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, Lakeside MRT is also near here.

This magic machine is designed for hungry commuters (user KRL) who want to get a meal without hassle the concept is very interesting and effective that customers will choose the preferred food, pay and wait a few minutes while the order is to prepare .

The menu is as varied. Hair Chicken Rice? Salmon Paella? Spaghetti? You have everything! Although, unfortunately, not all the other customers were very nice, but we have to give this machine accessories for its efficiency and price.Have you ever imagined the purchasing salmon without the need to go to the supermarket ? Yes, you can do it now.

In Singapore, there are about 100 vending machines that Norwegian salmon, which is a unique idea that has been given by Lyng seafood that turned out to be love by the public!

Unsure of fresh vegetables? Do not worry, critics said that the items sold here are fresh every day because he changed when the freshness disappears. vending machine service providers

Winning Hello Kitty toys arcaded is the ultimate Zabor Sian movement, and with these Happy ice vending ice cream, you can practice your skills. Unlike regular automatic machines, they actually do, you work for your treats. They UFO Catchers (crane games), and you have "kiap" your ice cream with the claw.

SFA will issue one license to automated food vending operators to operate multiple machines. Operators with different types of machines required to submit the plan to the detailed business proposal at the stage of pre-license or during the updating of ATMs. Operators must also inform SFA all places where vending machines are placed, and each new location where additional machines will be placed before the operations.

Automatic mystery prize distributors were deemed illegal by the police.
The number of ATMs in Singapore increased at least four operators setting up in malls, shop arcades and retail stores last year.

They distribute prizes randomly to receiving the cash payment, which is a form of public lottery and therefore a violation of the Act on Common Houses games, police said in a statement yesterday.


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