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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Scuba SAIPAN enthusiasm!

Numerous dive sites for beginners to advanced users

The characteristics of Saipan Tinian Rota diving are that it can be enjoyed by people of all levels, from unlicensed diving experience to beginners who just bought a license, and for serious power users. Saipan, along with diving boat overall, snorkeling beach you can go straight from the beach, and there are several dive sites scattered at sea. In addition, the sea is very bright, with white sand at the bottom of the sea, and there are many tropical fish with beautiful colors, and there are several variations such as mysterious and exciting underwater caves downs.

RoyU Island is one of the most eco blessed islands in the Mariana Islands of the North. The indigenous people of the Mariana Islands of the North, the traditional culture of the Chamorro tribe, still remain strong and well received by the simple and friendly people. There is accommodation like resort hotels and economy hotels with golf courses, so you can enjoy a leisurely vacation on the South Island. There is no direct flight from Japan to Rota Island, so it will be through Saipan or Guam. The journey of the two islands takes about 30 minutes. The best thing to do in Rota Island is diving, and diving spot that divers from around the world forever, Rota Hall is a place you want to dive once in a lifetime.

Leave Japan in the morning and back home in the afternoon to get a lot of local time! This also takes about three and a half hours from Japan to Saipan, where you can spend a satisfactory plan, even if you move to Tinian Rota. Enjoy it to the maximum in a short period of time. This also applies to Saipan Tinian Rota only, which is near Japan.Jet lag is a big enemy when traveling abroad. However, the time difference between Japan and Saipan Tinian Rota is only an hour, so you can enjoy your trip from the moment you arrive with no jet lag. Click here to understand a lot of details visit サイパンのダイビングショップマリンクエスト

First, it is attractive to be able to experience a world that are not found in everyday life by diving into the sea, and is also attractive that even those who are not good at swimming can dive into the sea while freely.You breathing can meet beautiful fish that can not be met if you live normally, and there are many charms of diving.Another dive attraction is to be found not only fish but also the corals and algae that are not in the earth.

There are several styles of diving here. A style where you can search whelks with flashlight left in the central cave or see the scallops and fish. Or escape from one of the three cavities in the open ocean and enjoy swimming along towering rock walls. Many goldfish can be found in the open ocean, and you can find schools of green turtles and swordfish, Napoleon fish and barracuda. "Tinian Island" floating in the southwest of the island of Saipan. Fleming is a point to the west of this "island of Tinian." The dive sites around here are very transparent and are better than the dive sites near Saipan.


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