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Sunday, February 9, 2020


We are a third-party organization that introduces free and reliable stores that can request exterior painting with confidence and reliability. We listen to the request of the consultant from an independent third-party standpoint, and introduce the exterior wall paint contractor who can answer your request free of charge. Trying a lot of visit 小平市の外壁塗装なら

Not just introduce, from the outer wall painting skilled in the art that exists in Japan met our stringent screening criteria "popular paint store" only has to introduce, the scale is the country's largest is.Furthermore, from the introduction of the paint shop that suits the customer to the after-sales follow-up, a female consultant with specialized knowledge will work closely with you to the end.We offer all these services completely free of charge , and the number of users is over 300,000 per month.

We thoroughly focus on this industry where we focus on price only, ignore services of customers, and do not provide significant services for high costs. We are working to reform.Providing "better and more accurate information" from the information of the flooding exterior wall remodeling industry. Based on the user information, we will introduce an external wall coating company with good user evaluation that meets the needs of the consultant. Please do not hesitate to consult.

The graph on the left is a graph of the data of "Number of consultations on damage to exterior wall coatings" published by the National Life Center. As you can see, the damage is increasing year by year.Although the type of paint and the outline and number of paints are important , it is the "world of exterior wall painting", but if an unscrupulous trader asserts that this is the case, it is very difficult for amateurs as well as professional engineers to see through is.That's why it's important to know in advance the appropriate price of exterior paint through "third parties" such as "We, the exterior paint window"!

As I mentioned at the top of this page , when contracting with a company that is not an “outer wall specialist” such as a major house maker, it will flow with a subcontractor → a subcontractor company, so a lot of intermediate margins will occur and normal estimates In most cases, it is more expensive than.There are few cases where the coating companies introduced by "We, the window painter for exterior walls" will lose the middle margin and become overpriced. Only the best suppliers from all over Japan who have passed the independent screening participate in this site.

A visiting agent is a company that suddenly rings the intercom and conducts visiting sales. It's possible that some of those companies are fraught with vicious companies! In fact, the business methods for these vicious businesses are fixed. "Irritation", a huge discount on the impossible (hundreds of thousands of yen), exudes a sense of value. In most cases, if you think calmly from one to the next, there will be more and more unbelievable content, such as monitor prices, free scaffolding because we are doing another building nearby, and in-house developed paints.

Good sellers rarely make door-to-door sales. The reason is that they are confident in their services and prices. Most of the time, even if you don't make door-to-door sales, it is mostly made up of word-of-mouth, repeat customers, referrals from customers, flyers, and inquiries from your website. Not all of the vendors who do door-to-door sales are vicious traders, but the vendors who do door-to-door sales are mixed with vicious traders or painters who can not take a contract unless they do visit sales. Remember that.


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